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Matthew X. Lowe

Matthew X. Lowe, PhD.


Matthew X. Lowe is currently a postdoctoral associate in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a visiting research collaborator in the Visual Attention Lab at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital. Matthew obtained his PhD from the University of Toronto, and his bachelor's degree from the University of Cape Town.

Broadly, Matthew's work aims to understand perception through an interdisciplinary approach bridging vision and audition. He uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), magneto- and electroencephalography (MEG/EEG), computational neuroscience techniques, and behavioural investigations.

Outside of his work, Matthew is an avid adventurer. He has trekked through the Arctic Circle and climbed to the peak of the highest mountains in South America (Mt. Aconcagua), Europe (Mt. Elbrus), Africa (Mt. Kilimanjaro), and his home country, South Africa (Mafadi).

Latest Research

Auditory Processing

Similarity-based fusion of MEG-fMRI sound representations in the human brain. Whole-brain fusion shows the emergence and progression of sound representations by correlating spatial data from fMRI with temporal data from MEG. In the video below, you can see the involvement of a number of different neural regions, including primary and non-primary auditory cortex, the left inferior frontal gyrus, the retrosplenial cortex, and several ventral-stream areas (parahippocampal cortex, fusiform gyrus, and the anterior lateral occipital area).

Visual Imagery

The video below shows sensorwise decoding of MEG data for the difference between perception and visual imagery across time and space. Significant differences are shown in black. Imagery occurs as a late stage process distinct from perception, involving multiple areas across the brain, including occipital areas, occipitoparietal areas, and frontal cortex.

Latest News

October 2019
Our abstract, "Spatiotemporal dynamics of sound representations in the human brain" (Lowe et al.) will be presented at the Society for Neuroscience, 2019, on October 20th, Chicago. Please stop by for a discussion.
May 2019
Our abstract, "Spatiotemporal neural representations in high-level visual cortex evoked from sounds" (Lowe et al.) was presented as a talk at the Vision Science Society Annual Meeting, 2019.
March 2019:
Matthew was awarded the Postdoctoral Fellow Award and presented our abstract, "Neural dynamics of human auditory perception across space and time" (Lowe et al.) at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, 2019.