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  1. FLOWER FOLLOWER: How lessons from the cannabis industry will impact Colorado’s budding psychedelic scene. Denver Business Journal.
  2. Increased Destigmatization of Psychedelics and a Rise in Educational Tools – The World Ahead by Dr. Matthew Lowe. The Benzinga Interviews.
  3. 3 Non-Profits Explore Functional Mushrooms for Epilepsy: Hope for Advanced Healing in Nature’s Bounty. Cannabis Tech.
  4. Meet Muscimol, the Compound Behind the Unique Amanita Mushroom Trip. Double Blind.
  5. 5 Things We Learned From the World’s First Psychedelic Hotline.
  6. Safely Explore Psilocybin Mushrooms with Unlimited Sciences. Out Front Magazine.
  7. Revolutionary Study Explores Functional Mushrooms as a Treatment for Childhood Epilepsy.
  8. New Psychedelics Info Line Is Waiting on Your Call.
  9. 'Magic mushroom' retreats gain popularity amid cautions. UPI.
  10. This one thing could change every psychedelic trip. Greenstate.
  11. Unlimited Sciences Launches Psychedelic Info Line for Evidence-Based Exploration. Psychedelic Medical News.
  12. Tripping? Nonprofit Launches New Psychedelic Info Hotline. High Times.
  13. Unlimited Sciences launches world's first Psychedelic Info Line. Noah News.
  14. Have a question about psychedelics? This Colorado nonprofit has answers. The Denver Post.
  15. Almost Half Of Those Doing Dry January Use Cannabis—Can It Help You Quit Alcohol?
  16. Nonprofits Team Up in the Battle Against Epilepsy in Children. Business Wire.
  17. Healing Shadows: Ayahuasca Research, Reducing Shame, and a New Road to Self-Compassion. Cannabis Tech.
  18. TDR’s Top 5 Psychedelic Developments For The Week Of September 18: 1. Psilocybin Associated With ‘Significant’ And ‘Persisting’ Decreases In Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol Misuse And More, New Study Finds. The Dales Report.
  19. THE BIGGEST PSYCHEDELIC NEWS THIS WEEK – SEPTEMBER 17TH: Magic in the Mushroom: Groundbreaking Study Reveals Lasting Mental Wellness Benefits of Psilocybin. Psychedelic Spotlight.
  20. Psilocybin Associated With ‘Significant’ And ‘Persisting’ Decreases In Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol Misuse And More, New Study Finds. Cannabis News world.
  21. Psilocybin Associated With ‘Significant’ And ‘Persisting’ Decreases In Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol Misuse And More, New Study Finds. Marijuana Moment.
  22. Not Just a Daydream—Can Mushroom Trips Impact Your Sleep?Double Blind.
  23. Using psilocybin in naturalistic settings shows lasting results. Psychedelic Health.
  24. Unlocking the Healing Potential of Psilocybin: World's Largest Study Reveals Lasting Benefits. News Break.
  25. World's Largest Study on Naturalistic Psilocybin Use From Unlimited Sciences Reveals Lasting Therapeutic Benefits.Business Wire.
  26. Colorado Nonprofit Realm of Caring Collaborating on Federal Grant for Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Research. Business Wire.
  27. How Psychedelics Can Heal a Broken Mind. 
  28. FDA opens discussion on psychedelics in clinical trials to guide the industry.  Nutrition Insight.
  29. Dispatches from Denver: Day 3 at Psychedelic Science 2023.  The Microdose.
  30. A Major Psychedelics Conference Will Take Over Denver Next Week. 
  31. Aspen Psychedelic Symposium: Mental Health Breakthroughs. Aspen Public Radio.
  32. Inaugural Aspen Psychedelic Symposium coming next Friday. Aspen Daily News
  33. Learn from Experts at the Aspen Psychedelic Symposium.Big Life Magazine.
  34. Sister organization to Colorado nonprofit that pioneered CBD for epileptic seizures exploring psychedelics.The Gazette.
  35. Symposium in Aspen a day-long dive into healing with psychedelics.Aspen Times.
  36. ‘God’s plant’ has cured kids, now the new frontier is psychedelics. Baptist Global News.
  37. Is This a New Era of Medical Marijuana Breakthroughs?. 
  38. Study Asserts CBD Use Can Result In Positive THC Test, Expert Explains How And What Increases Risks.
  39. Researchers, Advocates and Medical Professionals Come Together for the Inaugural “Aspen Psychedelic Symposium”.Aspen Public Radio.
  40. Plant Allies for Mental Health. Alive Magazine.
  41. New in psychedelics: Study says ibogaine and psilocybin hold potential to treat addiction. Nutrition Insight.
  42. Annual review: Industry continues innovation charge amid inflation, climate change and malnutrition fears.Nutrition Insight.
  43. 2023 Cannabis Industry Predictions: Cultivation, Agtech, Science, Hemp, & Psychedelics.
  44. Colorado Voters Approve Psychedelics Decriminalization Measure. High Times.
  45. Magic Mushrooms and the Midterms. Sweet Jane.
  46. Make way for magic mushrooms: Colorado to vote on psychedelics legalization amid mental health crisis. Nutrition Insight.
  47. Colorado Will Vote On Legalizing Psychedelic Mushrooms In November. 
  48. Can an Ayahuasca Ceremony Heal Immigrant and Refugee Trauma? Psychedelic Spotlight.
  49. Can Ayahuasca Help to Heal Refugees’ Trauma? 
  50. Retiros de Psicodélicos: Analizando Costos, Entorno y Eficacia (Psychedelic Recalls: Analyzing Costs, Setting, and Efficacy). El Planteo.
  51. Study to investigate ayahuasca’s effects on trauma linked to migration.
  52. Psychedelic Treatments Vary Greatly By Cost And Setting, What About Efficacy? 
  53. Normalizing Psychedelics: An Interview with Matthew X. Lowe. High Times.
  54. Americans Want Psychedelic Treatments for Depression. Will Legislation Catch Up?.The Ethos.
  55. Psychedelic Research Picks Up Momentum As Congress Signals for Federal Funding.The Psychedelic.
  56. Groundbreaking study to investigate Ayahuasca for trauma.Psychedelic Health.
  57. Unlimited Sciences Announces Groundbreaking New Study to Observe Ayahuasca’s Effects on Trauma. Business Wire.
  58. Study to Analyze Ayahuasca for Refugee Trauma.Double Blind.
  59. DEA Rescinds Proposal to Ban Five Psychedelic Drugs.High Times.
  60. Is the Medical Cannabis Industry Failing Patients? Cannabis & Tech Today.
  61. Exploring the History and Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca. Psychedelic Spotlight.
  62. The Next Steps in Psychedelic Health Treatment. The Emerald Magazine.
  63. Matthew X. Lowe: Advancing Medicinal Cannabis & Psychedelics Research.
  64. Beyond CBD: Cannabis Compounds Warrant Recognition and More Research. Nutraceuticals World.
  65. Lead with Science.
  66. A Data-Driven Guide to Microdosing Psychedelics. Psychedelic Spotlight.
  67. Psilocibina Ciencia y Experiencia. Psilocibina Espanol.
  68. How to Microdose Drugs Based on What You’re Using.
  69. The Road to Psychedelics Legalization. Psychedelic Spotlight.
  70. Mushroom Rabbi Grows Ceremonial Psilocybin for Denver Congregation — but is that legal? The Sunday Denver Post and The Denver Post Online.
  71. Personality and Attention: Birds of a Feather Scoping the Return.Psychonomic Society.